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Map of Magicians in the UK

The UK's finest professional magicians

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Magician-UK is an magic entertainment listing directory (as opposed to being an entertainment agency) featuring professional UK based magicians.


The directory features excellent close-up magicians, table magicians, stand up magicians, illusionists, sleight of hand experts, mind readers, pickpockets, after dinner entertainers, in fact all types of entertainers that use magic in their performances. Simply click on the map, and then on your county, to book or hire a local magician.


These magic entertainers are ideal for wedding receptions, private parties, company functions, dinner entertainment, trade show and exhibition stand entertainment, corporate hospitality entertainment, themed evenings, special events, after dinner cabaret entertainment... Hire a magician!


95% specialise in close-up magic - performing sleight of hand magic and mind reading feats at your dinner guests' tables - close-up! They are just as adept at entertaining at mix and mingle type events and act as great ice-breakers, especially in situations where your guests don't know each other.


Magic is great fun as a live entertainment and is very much back in fashion. Looking through our listings you'll see many contrasting styles of magicians from the traditional through to "Street Magic" style performers. The directory also features smooth-talking crowd pullers, suitable for drawing business to a trade stand at an exhibition.


Many of the magicians on this site are members of recognised magic societies and organisations including The Magic Circle (which is based in London) and local magic clubs. They love what they do and are more than happy to answer your questions when you make an enquiry. Try to let them have as much information about your special event as possible when making an enquiry.


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