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MAGICIANS in London England

David Weeks - Magician

David Weeks

Specialising in: Close-up Magic, After Dinner Cabaret Magic

Ideal for: Weddings, Parties, Dinners, Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Based in: London (entertains nationwide)

Telephone: 020 7582 9186

Mobile: 07787 918100

Member: The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star


Video Showreel: Click Here

Whatever the DAY, MONTH, YEAR David WEEKS will make it Magic!

There are fifty-two weeks in every year - but only one DAVID WEEKS!

DAVID WEEKS treats each of you as special and important. Flexible and spontaneous, he ensures your enjoyment - without embarrassment! - as the magic happens before your eyes and in your hands!

DAVID WEEKS' magic brings people together in SECONDS, breaking the ice, raising a smile, creating a buzz, transforming get-togethers into celebrations!

Think of a DAY that you want to be a red-letter day and DAVID WEEKS will make it MAGIC! Dinner-Parties are 'Perkier', Birthdays 'Brighter', Weddings 'Wackier' and Christenings 'Chirpier'!

Think of a MONTH when you are planning an important event and DAVID WEEKS will make it MAGIC! Banquets are 'Beefier', Balls 'Bouncier', Galas 'Groovier', Fetes 'Funkier' and Christmases 'Cracklier'!

Think of a YEAR you wish to remember and DAVID WEEKS will make it MAGIC! Coming-of-Age-Parties are 'Peppier', Farewells 'Fancier' and Anniversaries 'Altogether 'Appier'!

Make this WEEK your magical WEEK with DAVID WEEKS.

Franco - Magic that's always fun!

Franco - Magic that's always fun!

Specialising in: Close-up Magic

Ideal for: Weddings, Parties, Dinners, Special Events

Based in: London (entertains nationwide)

Telephone: 020 8202 4940

Member: The Magic Circle


Franco's magic is ideal for any special event, from sleight of hand close-up magic for private parties, dinners, wedding receptions and company events - to his specially created magic show for children's birthday parties. Franco loves entertaining and it shows in every performance.

A member of the world famous Magic Circle, Franco's magic has been enjoyed by audiences all over the world (seen here with celebrity chief Gordon Ramsey). His sense of fun and magical mischief has delighted audiences for more than 20 years...

Recent appearances:

The Langham Hotel, Portland Place W1
Hilton Hotels
The Connaught Hotel, Carlos Place, Mayfair W1
The Ballroom, Grosvenor House, Park Lane W1
InterContinental Hotel, Hyde Park.
Annabel's, Berkeley Square W1
Wentworth Golf Club
Disney Channel
Sky TV
Venezuela Channel 8, Venezuela
Televition Channel 3, Finland
Rai 1 Televisione, Italy
ITV Guinness Book of Records

Michael Gee - As seen on TV!

Michael Gee - As seen on TV!

Specialising in: Close-up Magic, After Dinner Cabaret Magic, Mind Reading, Pickpocketing

Ideal for: Weddings, Parties, Dinners, Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Based in: London (entertains nationwide)

Telephone: 020 8930 7173

Mobile: 07970 525 083

Member: The Magic Circle, Equity


Michael Gee is an Award Winning TV Magician, Mind Reader and Sleight of Hand Artist. He is one of the youngest members of The Magic Circle and one of the UK’s finest Close-up and Cabaret magicians. With over 15 years of performing experience and numerous TV appearances, you can relax in the knowledge that you are booking one of the very best. Michael has fooled the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tom Jones, Michael Bublé, Jerry Springer, Barbara Windsor, June Brown, JLS, Emeli Sandé and many more! He also has a regular spot performing at ITV's British Soap Awards every year!

Michael’s unique approach to magic has brought him to entertain and amaze audiences both in the UK and worldwide with his eye-opening, mind-boggling spectacular performances. All of which is a combination of magic, misdirection, suggestion and psychological manipulation. He recently performed close-up magic for guests at the world famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles.

Michael is the IDEAL choice of performer to add exciting entertainment to your special event.

"That's absolutely... I don't know what to say!"
Jerry Springer

"Blimin Eck!!"
Barbara Windsor

"Oh I say!"
June Brown, Eastenders

"I could get you your own show in Vegas!"
Paul O'Grady

Spelmann - Exclusive Mind Reader & Totally Unique Magician

Spelmann - Mind Reader & Alternative Magician

Specialising in: Close-up Magic, After Dinner Cabaret Mind Reading

Ideal for: Weddings, Parties, Dinners, Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Based in: London (entertains nationwide)

Telephone: Enquiries & Bookings via Michael or Helen Edwards: 07939 223246

Member: The Magic Circle, Equity


Alternative magician & mind reader Spelmann has been captivating audiences all over the world since the early 1990′s with his astonishing close up magic & mind reading as well as his fascinating stage shows. He can perform as a close up mingling with your guests or sat at his own table as a magician & mind reader. For more elaborate performances he also performs as a stage magician & mind reader with his stunning show 'The Unexpected' which sold out in 2012. Spelmann regularly entertains celebrities & heads of state as well as the most influential corporate companies and Royalty. He performs at corporate functions, private parties, exclusive dinner parties, VIP events, celebrity bashes and even as a wedding magician on your special day.

Spelmann is not your average magician or mind reader, he has performed to more people live than Houdini did in his entire career. He is a published author, lecturer & specialist within the paranormal and supernatural fields, subjects which he has studied at length. This ultimately gives his performances a unique edge that fascinates everyone who see’s him perform. Spelmann is genuinely one of the most original performers available, he is often imitated but virtually everything he does is unique to him.

Recent corporate clients:
Shell - Microsoft - JPMorgan - Merrill Lynch - Disney - IBM - Unilever - Famous faces - David Cameron PM - George Michael - Sir Bob Geldof - Hugh Grant - Simon Cowell - Jack Nicholson

'Brilliant' The Standard
'Phenomenal' The Express
'Fantastic' The Guardian


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